GYMmove Whitepaper

GMR - GYMmove Rewards


Total supply GMR token: 50,000,000 GMR
Presale:30% Liquidity: 15% Ecossytem Rewards App: 50% (Locked) Team: 4% (Locked) Pinksale: 1% (Locked)
GMR token mechanics - GYMmove Rewards Token Gymmove Rewards (GMR) Is a utility token with 50,000,000 supply. The GMR Token can be obtained through the use of the app, where you exercise to win.
Selling tax allocation
  • Buying tax is 0% - That means you buy token for FREE
  • Selling tax is 5% - This 5% will be divided in 2 pools
  • Liquid pool: 2% for liquid pool
  • Marketing and Reward Pool: 3%