🏄‍♂️Anti-Cheating System

We provide three ways to stop cheating during the game, where the cheater will suffer severe punishments. The following mechanics will be used:

  • GPS tracking.

  • Sensing health and movement data.

  • Explanation of the machinery in order to detect cheating through data simulations.

Any violation of the device's root code will result in a blockage of GYMmove, in which there will be a discrepancy in your functioning.

Transferring a smartwatch from one account to another will cause the smartwatch to enter a freeze period, during which time users will not be able to use their smartwatch. If energy is lost during the process of transferring the smartwatch from the inventory to the wallet, all unopened mystery boxes from the smartwatch account will be burned.

Note that wasting power listing a smartwatch on the market will not burn out the mystery boxes.

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