GYMmove Whitepaper

Smartwatch Attributes

You will start earning GYM tokens as soon as you acquire the smartwatch NFT and start walking, running and cycling. The calculation of earnings will depend on the following factors:
  • Smartwatch -Smartwatch In : 1-3 Tokens GYM / 30 minutes of exercises.
    -Smartwatch Plus: 4-7 Tokens GYM / 40 minutes of exercises.
    -Smartwatch Pro: 8-11 Tokens GYM / 50 minutes of exercises.
    -Smartwatch Pro Max Gold: 12-15 Tokens GYM / 60 minutes of exercises.
  • Comfort: - Comfort is one of your smartwatch's stats. - Your smartwatch has 100 comfort points at the beginning. The first time moving loses you 5 comfort points. Leveling up reduces damage to your smartwatch. - Comfort point is the percentage of GYMmove Box pieces you will receive for each time you exercise.
  • Lucky - Lucky is one of your smartwatch's stats. - The more lucky point that you have, the more often that you receive a higher reward for each time moving. - There's a very small chance you will get a piece of LEGEND box on your way moving if your smartwatch has at least 1 Bettany smartwatch .
  • Stamina - Stamina is one of your smartwatch's stats. - Your smartwatch have 100 Stamina points at the beginning. Running loses you 5 stamina points. - When your Stamina drops down below 5, your smartwatch can't be used anymore.


Purchasing 30 additional Comfort points loses you 20 GYM .
Purchasing 30 additional Stamina points loses you 20 GYM